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Continued Registration for a Single Pharmacy - Bitesize Guide

Continued Registration for Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Assistants- Bitesize Guide



General/Accessing the Registration Portal

Applicants and registrants will be able to complete several activities within the registration portal as relevant to their application or registration with the PSI. These include:

  • Completing Continued Registration (pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants, pharmacies)
  • Completing First Time Registration (pharmacists, pharmacies)
  • Updating your contact details such as telephone number, email address or correspondence address
  • Updating your photograph as a pharmacist/pharmaceutical assistant (which will be printed on your next registration certificate)
  • Pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants can update their place(s) of work
  • Pharmacy owners can complete non-material changes such as amending opening hours, services offered, and the pharmacy’s contact details. Material change applications are also submitted through the portal such as a change to the pharmacy’s trading name, updating a pharmacy floor plan, changing supervising or superintendent pharmacist and temporary relocation of the pharmacy. (Note – changes to superintendent pharmacist for pharmacy groups are not possible at this time, but will be delivered as part of a future update).
  • Registrants can also cancel their registration through the portal (known as ‘voluntary cancellation’).

All existing registrants will be invited to the portal by email. The email will contain a link to the registration portal and a once-off password, which will provide you with access to the new registration portal. You should login with your username, which will be the contact email address you use to communicate with the PSI, and the temporary password provided in the email. The first time you log in, you should access your registration profile and update any information which is incomplete or incorrect. It is important that all information held in the PSI registration database is up to date and correct.

You can contact or 01 218 4000 or 1850 774 734 should you have any difficulty when accessing your profile or updating your information, or if you are already a registrant and have not received your invite to the registration portal.

The registration portal has been designed to be intuitive and user friendly for registrants and applicants. In addition to this FAQ document, we have created a series of instructional videos providing an overview of key registration processes available in the portal. These videos can be accessed here.

Additionally, we have created bitesize guides outlining the process of continued registration for pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants and pharmacy owners. These guides can be accessed here.

The accuracy and security of the PSI Registers, registrant data and registration systems are of utmost importance to the PSI. The new registration system provides enhanced data security through a two-factor authentication processes, whereby users will login with a unique secure username and password followed by an authorisation code texted to them prior to accessing the portal. Please maintain the security and integrity of the Registers and do not share your password for the PSI registration portal with another person.

The PSI do not hold payment data; any credit or debit card information inputted on the portal is through a hosted payment page run by an international payments processing firm. Payment details are not retained by the international payments processing firm.

As part of our Business Transformation Programme, the PSI commenced a digital transformation journey aimed at bringing numerous benefits to our registrants and the public. The objective of this is to evolve the ways of working across the organisation, enabled through a well-designed, reliable and effective technology solution for the PSI, it’s customers and service users.

The first phase of the Business Transformation Programme has focused on the development of a new online registration system to provide a more efficient, streamlined and user-friendly experience for all registrants, encompassing pharmacists, pharmaceutical assistants and pharmacy owners, as well as those wishing to apply for registration. This new system will include greater ability for pharmacist and retail pharmacy businesses applicants to submit first time registration applications, view the progress of their applications, and for all registrants to complete continued registration and make changes to their registration information within the new user-friendly online system.

The majority of all registration processes are now fully digital through the new portal. They include continued registration, first time registration applications for both pharmacists and retail pharmacy businesses, material change applications and voluntary cancellation applications.

Internet supply applications, Third Country Qualification Recognition applications and superintendent pharmacist changes for pharmacy groups will remain as paper-based applications but will be included in future updates of the portal.

Internet supply applications, Third Country Qualification Recognition applications and superintendent pharmacist changes for pharmacy groups will remain as paper-based applications but will be included in future updates of the portal.

Click on the ‘Forgot my password’ link on the login page and follow the steps from there. You will need your email address for this.

If you don’t know the email address associated with your account, you’ll need to contact the PSI for guidance ( / 01 218 4000 / 1850 774 734)

The email address associated with your profile can be updated in the portal. You must first log in using your existing email and password, then change the email address on your profile and follow the verification step. If you do not have access to the email address associated with your login, then you will need to contact the PSI to request an email change (As part of this we will need to verify your identity by asking a number of security questions).

You’ll need to contact the PSI to request to change the mobile phone number associated with your account ( / 01 218 4000) (As part of this, we will need to verify your identity by asking a number of security questions).

We are confident that the new registration portal is user-friendly, but you will find a range of resources within the portal to assist you as you use it initially. This includes user guides, instructional videos, and Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question within these resources, you can call our Helpline on 1850 774 734 or email

This portal works best on chrome, safari, edge amongst other modern web browsers. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer. This portal also requires pop-ups to be enabled. There is a pop-up used during the fee payment stage for an application.

Your payment transaction gets passed to your bank to authorise payment. The bank determines whether to seek additional verification before approving the transaction. The bank wants to confirm it’s really you using your card. This is an extra layer of security called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). SCA is mandatory across the EEA since January 1st 2021. More information from the main banks is here: AIB BOI PTSB

Continued Registration (Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Assistants)

You will receive your first notification 60 days before the expiry of your current registration. A reminder will be sent 15 days later. If you do not renew your registration at least 30 days before it expires, then you will be subject to a late fee. You will receive a notifications by email and by message within the registration portal.

Yes, registrants will still receive a registration certificate in the usual way following completion of a continued registration application or application for first time registration. Registration certificates (original printed copies) for retail pharmacy businesses and supervising pharmacists must still be displayed at the registered pharmacy premises at all times. You can request a reprint of a registration certificate in the registration portal.

Registrants will also be able to access a digital copy of their registration certificate on the registration portal.

Continued Registration (Pharmacies)

We expect that this issue will be improved with the launch of the new system, and it has not proved to be an issue during testing. However, we will be closely monitoring this after go-live.

Existing registrants will receive an invitation to the portal by email. This will be on a phased basis over the days and weeks after the system launches. The email will include a link to the platform and temporary login credentials. Once this has been activated, registrants will be requested to set a secure password and input their mobile telephone number to set up two-factor authentication.

Different processes require different levels of review and therefore there isn’t a set turnaround time for applications. However, the PSI Registrant and Customer Relations Team always envisage to process applications as quickly as possible. You can help the process by ensuring that your application is complete when you submit it and always reference your application number when communicating with us.

Only individuals who have the requisite authority to act on behalf of the pharmacy ownership may complete continued registration and the associated declarations.For most retail pharmacy businesses this means the Company Secretary. Note – neither the Superintendent pharmacist nor supervising pharmacist can complete continued registration for the business. Where a pharmacy is owned by a company or another type of corporate body as defined in the Companies Act 2014, continued registration must be completed by the Company Secretary, a Director, or another person legally authorised to act on behalf of the pharmacy ownership. Note – if you are a Company Secretary and a registered pharmacist – you can use your account as a registered Pharmacist for your own Continued Registration and the Pharmacy Continued Registration. All Company Secretaries will have received an invitation to the registration portal.

Pharmacist First Time Registration

You can apply to register as a pharmacist through this route if you have completed the recognised training in Ireland.

This is an offline process. Aapplication form will need to be completed and submitted to the PSI. Click here to visit the relevant section of the PSI website for more information.

This route of registration is a two-step process. The first step is an application for recognition of your qualification. Once this is obtained, the second step is an application for registration. Both steps may be completed in the PSI online registration portal.

The registration rules require that these documents are still submitted in hard copy.

Yes, this is a feature of the new system and can be managed through your profile page. The updated photograph will then appear on your next registration certificate.

Pharmacy First Time Registration

The first step is to log into your profile. If you do not already have a profile, then you can set one up by clicking on the Sign up now link. You will receive an invitation e-mail before 7 October. Once you have logged in/created your profile, you will be prompted to complete further details. You can then apply for first time registration of a pharmacy, or as an individual pharmacist, following the step by step instructions in the portal.

The transcript will not suffice to complete the application. You can start your application and resume it later. The 'MPharm parchment/qualification' is needed, be that a digital or scanned copy.

The PSI considers it appropriate that only those individuals who have the requisite authority to act on behalf of the pharmacy ownership should be responsible for the completion of declarations and sign off on applications made on behalf of the pharmacy. Where a pharmacy is owned by a sole trader or partnership these are the individuals who are required to sign off, and where a pharmacy is owned by a company or another type of corporate body, sign off is required from the company secretary, two directors, or another person legally authorised to act on behalf pharmacy ownership. Having these individuals provide sign off ensures that the information provided in the application has been approved by those who are in control of the ownership of the pharmacy operation and who are accountable as the “Pharmacy Owner” as defined in the Pharmacy Act 2007. Applications submitted through the PSI’s new Regie system provide improved clarity and transparency as it is clear to the regulator and to the public who is accountable for the operation of the pharmacy business.

In line with PSI’s Digital First policy, once we have migrated processes to a digital platform, we will be expecting all applicants and registrants to complete these processes online. Paper-based processes will still exist for a number of processes (for example, Internet supply list, third country qualification recognition) but these will also be digitised in future project phases. If you are having difficulty with submitting your application inthe portal, please refer to the available Resources or contact us for assistance.